Life is always better with music, especially with love ballads and boleros.

Arturo Elizarraraz

Arturo is a gifted singer and violin virtuoso

With a profound and endless passion for interpreting timeless romantic ballads, boleros, soul and jazz. 

About Arturo Elizarraraz

 Arturo is a gifted singer and violin virtuoso with a strong passion, love and devotion for interpreting some of the most classic and romantic love ballads and boleros as well as soul and jazz songs. 

Live Performances

Arturo delivers each live performance with true passion and commitment to ensure that his audiences discover or rediscover the profound emotions that ballads and boleros can make our hearts feel.  He's known for enamoring his audiences with timeless beautiful heart-felt love songs in English, Spanish, French and Italian.  

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You can listen to Arturo Elizarraraz on his SoundCloud account by clicking the play button or using link below. 

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Arturo Elizarraraz

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